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How can I get the boys in my class excited about reading?  This was a question that I had been considering for a while, especially when I found myself in a year group with a boy-heavy cohort.  One afternoon I got chatting to a mum of three boys and she told me that one strategy she used was to say that they could watch the film once they had read the book!  I thought this was a great idea and this led me to create a film-inspired book corner in my classroom.  Using QR codes, I linked popular age-appropriate books with their trailers on YouTube and now the children can watch the trailers before deciding whether or not to read the books!  The children have loved watching the trailers and this idea has literally brought the books on our book shelves to life!


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  • Jane Waite
    November 4, 2017 - 10:01 am | Permalink

    Maybe they could create film adverts using scratch or an interactive display using crumbles – have you seen Jon Chip’s Close Encounter advert – It has an image of ET pointing up and the moon/bike image on a lolly stick moving across the top of him? Fabulous simple DT /Computing/ Media

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